Today’s Census Report in Pictures

September 13, 2011 at 12:02 pm

The Census Bureau issued data this morning on poverty, incomes, and health coverage in 2010. Below are some charts to show how the new figures look in historical context, and here’s our statement with analysis.

Poverty Has Been Rising for Much of the Last Decade

Deep Poverty Rate Highest on Record

Unemployment Insurance Has Been a Critical Anti-Poverty Program in This Downturn

Real Income for Working Age Households Reaches Lowest Level Since 1994

Long-Term Erosion of Job-Based Health Insurance Coverage Countinues

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  1. 1

    Problem: Lack of Innovative Market Development since 1981.

    Diagnosis: Negative relationship between GOP economic policy (lack of sustaining capital) and GDP growth. The US GDP when tracked from 1947-1981 rose over 7% and as high as 11% annually. Since the Reaganomic Revolution 1981-2008 GDP has been dropping, the US Trade Name Tarnished and business is now conducted under a cloud of mistrust. With Government safeguards from the Great Depression stripped away there is no protection for honest business people from the predatory business mind. The mistrust is between the businesses themselves since they know each other well enough to avoid costly engagements. This precludes collaborative economies of scale needed for US global competitiveness.

    Historic examples of American Management Team (Business Interests)failure to deliver.

    1- Sony Trinitron TVs were #1 throughout the 1980s. This technolgy was developed in the US and profited from in Japan.

    2- Honda Accord – Designed using US MIT Dr. Deming manufacturing methods. US Auto makers answered this competitive action with the K-Car for quality.

    I could go on but these two illustrate the failure of American Business Interests to innovate and manage the US Economy for national interest.

    Solution: Remove all business decision makers born before 1960 as the failed generation of business minds they are. Time to let GenX lead for a better future for the Millennials

  2. James DeFilippis #

    It would be useful to have the absolute poverty rate over time, not just the “deep poverty” and the year-on-year change data presented here. Also, it would be useful to have going back to 1960 — it would allow a little perspective on the “War on Poverty” that is so widely mocked, but almost certainly was part of a poverty rate that was much lower than it has been for quite some time.

  3. Jim Kennedy #

    Dane County (Wisconsin) Executive Kathy Falk once remarked in a speech: “Desperate people make bad neighbors”. Her comment was intended to underscore the importance of basic public health and human services in helping preserve civil, liveable communities. It seems a shame that our nation’s domestic public policy is increasingly becoming a “bad neighbor” policy.

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